Fabulous new audio walks for the park

Three artists (Kate Chapman, Charlotte Goodwin, and Nina West) have created a wonderful and rich run of audio walks for users of park and recently reopened Midlands Arts Centre (MAC). The project aptly called ‘Amplifying the Map’ is based around three interactive walks. Each one has a different theme and involves input from different people (e.g. the Rangers, local school children from Tindal School and so on). The idea is that you download the map and the sound files, placing the latter on your mobile phone or MPEG player, and then head off on the walk stopping at each point indicated on the map and listening to the appropriate audio track. This is a brilliant initiative and great way to spend 60 or so minutes on a walk enjoying the park.

All the files you need can be downloaded free of charge from the project’s terrific website - just click here.

It is fantastic.

Winter Blog 2009

And finally.......

Thanks to all who helped over this year with seasonal tasks caring for the park woodland, pools and riverbanks, gardens and fields.
Thanks to Woodland Trust and Environment Agency for help with community activities & resources, and to OPAL West Midlands for support in seeing how much we’ve got (see links below for more information)!


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