Welcome to the Cannon Hill Sound Library
Sounds can be as evocative of a place as pictures. Audio senses are as central in firing off memories, emotions and providing an individual with a sense of place as visual cues. So we have decided to create a gallery of sound for you. Some of these sound pictures relate to wildlife others to soundscapes. We hope you enjoy them.

A word on bird song (other than we love it!). Birds have three main ways of oral communication: song (generally for display), call (for contact) and alarm call (there is danger!). I have recorded mainly song but I will collect and upload calls and alarm calls as the year progresses (as with the pictures - everything is locally recorded in the patch).

A brilliant online site of bird song plus descriptions is available from the BBCs Tweet of the day. Have a listen!
Bird Song
Click on a name to see a picture of the bird and hear its song. More will be added as we record them.

Blue Tit
Song Thrush
Willow Warbler
It's about 8.30pm on a summer's evening in Holders Wood. There are several birds singing here at once. See if you can distinguish them. All the songs on listed on page somewhere.

Holders Wood Evening